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“Ultra-Dangerous” Roads In Muir Beach, California Cited As “Public Safety Hazard”

The roads turning into the Muir Beach Community are unsafe and have poor markings, sharp drop-offs and the huge numbers of vehicle scars in the actual road-bed of the highway prove that the poorly built Muir Beach Community roads have taken out the bottoms of a vast number of public vehicles. Muir Beach Community executives say “not our problem” but the rising numbers of damages and safety incidents say otherwise.

In Marin County, a landslide and closure of Highway 1 may become the last straw in what had already been a congestion problem to Muir Woods National Monument.

In Marin County, a landslide and closure of Highway 1 may become the last straw in what had already been a congestion problem to Muir Woods National Monument. Now, there is only one effective way in and out and on weekends and holidays, it creates gridlock.

The back-up on the road to Muir Woods is legendary — cars and buses jam it every day as people make their way to see the iconic redwoods.

Those living nearby have had enough. The road has needed repairs for years, and things have been made worse by the recent storms.

“It’s a little frustrating,” local resident Maurice Conti said.

“It’s a beautiful place to get away from the city and be in nature,” a visitor said.

Even the National Park Service agrees that the area’s popularity has become a congestion problem.

“We really feel like we are too crowded,” a ranger said.

Especially for local residents Conti. “They get almost a million tourists a year and there’s a couple hundred of us. So it gets a little overwhelming,” Conti said.

Now, even more so since a landslide closed Highway 1, leaving only two-lane Frank’s Valley Road as the only other viable option.

It has issues, too.

One section has washed away to just one lane, leaving Muir Beach Fire Chief Steve Wynn to wonder why the county has left it this way for 10 years.

“It’s very frustrating, for this road to have been like this for such a long time and especially at a crunch time when Highway 1 is out and this is our only way over the hill.” Wynn said.

On Wednesday, the county said it is aware of the problem and has asked the sheriff for more parking enforcement along Frank’s Valley Road.

But with Highway 1 gone, the chief wants more. Muir Woods congestion, he says, is a tragedy waiting to happen, especially if emergency crews cannot get through.

“The big concern for me is that fire department response from the county will take 45 minutes, at best, probably an hour to reach Muir Beach or Muir Woods. And then, if there is a heart attack, it will be too late,” Wynn said.

And it will be just as deadly, even if it happens in this paradise of an urban escape.

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Damage to roads near Muir Beach could leave city landlocked

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More damage to Highway 1 near Muir Beach could leave the beautiful town landlocked, with only one road to get in and out, citizens are struggling to connect to the rest of the Bay Area. (KGO-TV)

People who are lucky enough to live in a picturesque town along the coast at Muir Beach have more to fear than most of us with the upcoming storms. Any more damage to Highway 1 could cut them off completely.

The frail road that leads in and out of Muir Beach has remained unpaired and overused for years.

The concern isn’t so much paradise lost as it is paradise being landlocked.

The road to paradise is paved with obstacles, they’re marked in the kind of hieroglyphics only decipherable to work crews.

The first obstacle is the always windy Highway 1 between Mill Valley and Muir Beach. It’s closed until further notice while Caltrans works out a solution.

Muir Beach residents have seen this before.

Watch the video in the player above or the full story.


BREAKING: Students Safe After Bus Gets Stuck On Cliff Above Muir Beach

MUIR BEACH (KRON) — Several students have been safely removed from school bus that got stuck in mud near Muir Beach.

Another bus has been called to scene to transport the children back to school.

The bus was traveling up a narrow dirt road and it appears the driver tried to make a sharp right turn onto a paved roadway but got stuck.

The were no reports of injuries, according to the Marin Sheriff’s official Twitter account

KRON 4 News is continuing to follow this story, stay with us for updates.


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