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Who Bribes Politicians and Rigs Elections At Google?

Who Bribes Politicians and Rigs Elections At Google?




By Town Hall Public Meetings






David Noam – Global Partnerships Strategy at Google




Jared Coden – Google’s Director of Coup’s




Eric Schmidt – Covert CIA Executive




Larry Page – Director of Technology Theft





Principal, Strategic Partnerships at Google

  • Astrid Pierre-Louis Astrid Pierre-Louis

    Strategic Partnerships at Google

  • Jeff Snow Jeff Snow

    Principal, Global Alliances at Google

  • Shilpa Anand Shilpa Anand

    Marketing Manager, Strategic Partnerships at Google Inc.

  • Weicheng Chin Weicheng Chin

    Partnerships Strategy at Google

  • Dave Munichiello Dave Munichiello

    General Partner at Google Ventures

  • AJ Scaramucci AJ Scaramucci

    Entrepreneur in Residence at Peter Diamandis

  • Blake Byers Blake Byers

    General Partner at Google Ventures



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