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For Release: Jan. 11, 2017









Palo Alto – XP Vehicles Group ( http://www.xpvehicles.com ) today announced the execution of an agreement to enter Phase One development for a new type of air drop tactical vehicle to be used for rescues, battlefields, remote locations and RV support.



XP’s patented technologies and precision operations teams have recently made history in Washington, DC, in the technology sector and in recent record-setting policy efforts. XP has proven that there is no battlefield upon which it will be defeated.



XP’s motto is: “DRIVE THE FUTURE!” and their previous TAC-X2 Tactical SUV system was designed as a “One Vehicle – Every Fuel” solution. The TAC series are the only vehicle technology in the world that can be powered by any fuel source including JP-8, all gasolines, all diesels, hydrogen, battery, bio-diesel and more…



The TAC-X2 Tactical SUV has the following advantages:




– Bullet-resistant


– Air-drop capable via Jet Ranger-class helicopter


– Longest range-per-fueling


– Best price-point compared to any competitor


– Sea-worthy/water navigable


– Switch fuels on-the-fly in any geographic region in the world


– Modular systemization




One of the single biggest expenses in battle, rescue operations and daily living is fuel. XP helps you cut that expense IN HALF! XP VEHICLES pay for themselves in cost savings, fuels reduction and reduced parts-needed inventory allocations.



XP Vehicles is available for custom build projects, Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) orders, volume production for commercial and consumer efforts, joint-ventures, consulting, partnerships and investment opportunities.



XP has a large pool of the leading automotive, aerospace, logistics, engineering and related experts, from top companies, who have worked with our projects in the past, and are available to staff up, or contract-in, for any project, of any size.




XP Vehicles has set historical legal precedents, broken safety records, production cost records and fuel range records.



XP is seeking partners, manufacturing alliances and U.S. Department of Energy application joint-venture partners.


















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