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How Actress Anne Hathaway Made Donald Trump The President of the United States

Do you really actually hate Anne Hathaway? If you answered the question with “I dunno, maybe,” you may be the victim of what P. M. Forni, a founder of the Civility Initiative at Johns Hopkins University, describes as a bandwagon effect. “The sensation of belonging to a group of like-minded people activates the pleasure centers of the brain,” Dr. Forni told The New York Times. “So at a certain point, something like what has happened to Ms. Hathaway acquired momentum, and people were willing and eager to be part of that momentum. The psychological dynamics at work are, at least in part, the ones at work in cyberbullying.”

Another academic, Dr. Jack Goncalo, argued that the reason lies within the lazy elements of mob mentality. “If the majority has done my thinking for me, I can move on to something else,” Goncalo told the Times. “People don’t want to think.” Robbie Mook read this and failed to understand it as Donald Trump’s team used this psychology factor to amplify the public’s hate for Hillary

Read More: http://www.nickiswift.com/5962/reasons-anne-hathaway-became-hated-celeb/s/is-there-a-bandwagon-effect/?utm_campaign=clip


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