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No Silicon Valley Tech Company Actually Likes Hillary. They Only Support Her For Promises of Cleantech and Domestic Spy Services Payola Kick-Backs

No Silicon Valley Tech Company Actually Likes Hillary. They Only Support Her For Promises of Cleantech and Domestic Spy Services Payola Kick-Backs



Silicon Valley is now mostly the under-25 crowd. Hillary is considered, by them, to be: “old, wrinkled, grumpy, out-of-touch and corrupt…” according to polls. Worst of all, Hillary can’t drive a car, can’t use a FAX, can’t understand email servers and is clueless about technology. She is anti-technology simply because she is incapable of understanding technology. She is anything but “cool”. That is no good for 95% of Silicon Valley.



The part of Silicon Valley that will stop at nothing to put her in the White House are the venture capitalists and CEO’s of the tech companies. They rely on the Democrats for their corrupt kick-backs. They are less than 5% of Silicon Valley.



Without Hillary in office, Google will die. You have never seen Google’s true financial records. The truth is that Google gets much of it’s money from government payola for spying on the public and information manipulation and the other part from selling advertisers the fake belief that anybody but bots are ready their ads. Advertisers have finally figured out that Twitter, Facebook, Google and Linkedin are selling them pretend views of people who do not exist. All of the internet “impressions” are fake. They are manufactured views created by Google and Facebook.



Most of Google’s life, though, depends on Obama funneling cash to Google.



The venture capitalists and CEO’s of the almost 100% DNC controlled tech companies are pooping their diapers right now. If the Republicans gain control, they will shut the pig trough of taxpayer cash off to Google.




p class=”western” style=”margin-bottom:0;line-height:100%;orphans:2;widows:2;”>Imagine the fun we would have then!



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