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John Podesta’s Character Assassination Squad Exposed

John Podesta’s Character Assassination Squad Exposed

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John Podesta and Sid Blumenthal operate in the dark and “throw shit from the shadows” according to the Jill Stein campaign. Now the internet’s citizen journalists has proven this to be true.

John Podesta’s machinations have been traced to a small office on 7th Street in San Francisco where Facebook’s Cheryl Sandburg’s Mentor, Larry Summers (He of the Enron Scandal) holds forth.

The fake pedophile and Russian cash charges against Julian Assange have been tracked and traced back to this “Character assassination squad”.

These folks use Gawker Media, Univision, and a Cartel of shady, paid, media shills to try to destroy the reputations of anybody that they can’t beat in a fair fight. If you got targeted by “The Squad” then you should be honored. An attack by “The Squad” means that you were too good and had too much potential for them to face you in a fair fight.

“The Squad” works alongside Eric Schmidt’s New America Foundation and the spookier wet-work operatives at Google’s In-Q-Tel operation. All in all, they comprise a nest of snakes who will do anything for their Masters.

Lawsuits are coming!

Here is a tiny sample of the tracking data the the internet has been uncovering using CIA-Class investigation:



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