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Tim Berhners Lee, Creator of the Internet, Forced To Work At Go Daddy Tech Support To Pay The Rent?

By Carla Anson




Can you believe that you might find yourself on the other end of the phone with the man who created the Internet?



Every masturbation experience you have had since 1999 is thanks to this man!



Netflix exists on your iPhone because of this man.



You called Go Daddy to find out if “Microsoft” and “Dell” are the same thing and you got the voice-of-God”. Why does poor little Tim have to sit in the darkened basement of sad little Go Daddy, scratching his ramshackle beard and gazing down at his belly as he waits for the next phone call from some Grandma asking where the “off switch” is on her Mac?



The truth is, he doesn’t! Tim gets loads of cash from rich guys in Switzerland…but, what if he didn’t?



One should not assume that the wonder-kids, that built our modern world, always get compensated for their wonders.



While Tim would not be mad if you sent him a few shekels or bitcoins, he probably would be happier if you made a donation to the feral cat program in your city.




p style=”margin-bottom:0;line-height:100%;”>So, today, find a wonder kid. Ask if he is rich; if not, send him some money. The children of the man who invented flushable toilet paper never reaped the profits of their forefather. We owe them!



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